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May 29, 2018 ... Eastfriesland Presbyterian Church. Engelke Church Was Organized in 1864. Henry Ackerman says that the Ostfriesland Presbyterian church in ... You Are Here > Home > Churches > East Friesland Presbyterian Church Eastfriesland Presbyterian Church Engelke Church Was Organized in 1864 Henry Ackerman says that the Ostfriesland Presbyterian church in German township is an old one. Mr. Ackerman says his father, John O. Ackerman, bought his farm in German township in 1867, in order to be near church. John Ahrens was the first pastor of the German township church, the second one being Rev. John VanderLas, a brother of Rev. Ben VanderLas, of the Drake church. From J. W. Riekena it has been learned that the Engelke church organization was made in 1864, and that the first building was put up in 1866. Mr. Riekena and his brother, Ben W. Riekena, now deceased, built the first church and received $80 for the work. The carpenters used native lumber, which was donated by the farmers, after they had hauled the logs, from which it was sent to the sawmill, then at Hardin City. Hardin City is now one of the "ghost towns" of Hardin county. It was located on the Iowa river west of Wellsburg. --Wellsburg Herald (Wellsburg, Iowa), 10 June 1931, pg 1 Eastfriesland Church Celebrates Diamond Anniversary Church Was Established at Close of Civil War; It Has Been in Continuous Service Ever Since; Church Has Had 5 Pastors; Rev. F. W. Engelke Served 32 Years The Eastfriesland Presbyterian Church of Grundy County is observing its Diamond Jubilee today. The church is located in German township and it has been serving the people of northwest Grundy continuously for 75 years.

East Friesland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Grundy County, Iowa


Jan 26, 2018 ... East Friesland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Grundy County, Iowa. 638 Approved Records In This Cemetery Last record was added or updated on ...   Gravestone Search     Cemeteries     Submit a Photo   East Friesland Presbyterian Church Cemetery - Grundy County, Iowa 638 Approved Records In This Cemetery Last record was added or updated on 1/26/18 at 6:00:11 AM CST A:   ABBAS, Frauke; ABBAS, Gertje (Veator); ABBAS, Harvey V.; ABBAS, Jantje (Noordmann); ABBAS, Meta; ABBAS, Mildred S.; ABBAS, Reemt; AGENA, Antje (Peters); AGENA, Emil; AIKES, Fannie; AIKES, Henry; AIKES, Henry; AIKES, Marlys; AIKES, Mattie; AIKES, Ralph; AIKES, Wiard; AKKERMAN, Dennis Ray; AKKERMAN, Henry; AKKERMAN, Marie; AKKERMAN, Martha; AKKERMANN, Brechtjedine; AKKERMANN, Henry; AKKERMANN, Hinrich J.; ALBERS, Alfred J.; ARENDS, Anna B.; ARENDS, Arend B.; ARENDS, Arnold A.; ARENDS, Bruce Alan; ARENDS, Byron J.; ARENDS, Dena C.; ARENDS, Dick G.; ARENDS, Elske; ARENDS, Emma N.; ARENDS, Everdena J.; ARENDS, George; ARENDS, Grietje (Burma); ARENDS, Helen; ARENDS, John B.; ARENDS, Verjean L. B:   BERENDS, Dora (Boyenga); BETELS, Dick; BEVING, Aeilt; BEVING, Arthur D.; BEVING, Bena; BEVING, Elizabeth B.; BEVING, Evelyn A.; BEVING, Frederic; BEVING, George A.; BEVING, Harry; BEVING, Jan; BEVING, Janna; BEVING, John J.; BEVING, Lucille; BEVING, Maggie; BEVING, Margaretha; BEVING, Margeret Edith; BEVING, Pauline; BEVING, Ubbe; BEVING, Ubbe; BLEEKER, Bennie; BLEEKER, George; BLEEKER, George; BLEEKER, John G.; BLEEKER, Johnnie; BLEEKER, Marie B. (Jones); BLEEKER, Minnie; BLUMHOFF, Anna; BLUMHOFF, Bruno; BOEKLEMEN, Emmo; BOEKLEMEN, Petrus; BOEKLEMEN, Rika (Gavrelts); BOEKLEMEN, Uffe; BOHEMAN, Dick A.; BOHEMAN, Elsie; BOHEMAN, George F.; BOHEMAN, George H.; BORCHERS, Albertus; BORCHERS, Albertus; BORCHERS, Ann; BORCHERS, Anna; BORCHERS, Gepke (Hemmen); BORCHERS, Gert; BORCHERS, Gladys; BORCHERS, Hilko; BORCHERS, Jakobus A.; BORCHERS, Kristian; BORCHERS, Peter; BORCHERS, Russell S.; BOYENGA, Adam; BOYENGA, Adolf; BOYENGA, Alvin B.; BOYENGA, Antje Meinderts (Meyer); BOYENGA, Arend B.; BOYENGA, Bena; BOYENGA, Esther L.; BOYENGA, Evert; BOYENGA, Henry B.; BOYENGA, Heye; BOYENGA, Jacob Everts; BOYENGA, Joe; BOYENGA, Johannes; BOYENGA, Louie; BOYENGA, Mattie; BOYENGA, Metye; BOYENGA, Minnie; BOYENGA, Remda; BOYENGA, Remda; BOYENGA, Sophie; BOYENGA, Thade; BUNGER, Coert H.; BUNGER, Helen C.; BUNJER, Elvin A.; BUNJER, Heie; BUNJER, Hye; BUNJER, Nanny J.; BUNJER, Nantje; BUNJER, Tena; BUNJER, Tena M.; BUNJER, William O.; BUSS, Ruth (Arends)

A Story of Unification in the Age of Division


By comparison, Faith Presbyterian Church is young. It was started by a group that left East Friesland Presbyterian Church (USA) because of the increasingly ... A Story Of Unification In The Age Of Division Conflict in churches leads to splits so often as to make them commonplace, though no less sad. This makes the story of church unification all the more compelling—as in the case of two PCA churches in Ackley, Iowa. West Friesland Presbyterian Church was more than 140 years old when Shawn Willis (MDiv ’10) first applied to become its solo pastor. The church replied to his application with a unique invitation. “They told me that there were two churches—West Friesland and Faith—that were actually seeking a pastor together,” Shawn remembers. “They asked me if I still wanted to apply knowing I would pastor both.” The two churches are located in Ackley, Iowa. “You can actually see one church building from the other,” Shawn says. Ackley itself is an old farming community, with a population of roughly 1,500 people. So how does a small town end up with two PCA churches within sight of one another? Shawn laughs, and says, “That’s the question isn’t it?” West Friesland was originally organized as The Second German Presbyterian Church of Grundy County, a Swiss-German congregation, in 1873. The congregation became part of the United Presbyterian Church in the USA. It later transferred membership into the PCA. By comparison, Faith Presbyterian Church is young. It was started by a group that left East Friesland Presbyterian Church (USA) because of the increasingly liberal leanings of that denomination. “I suppose the people who started Faith could have joined West Friesland,” Shawn muses, “but at that point both congregations were large for this area. Combined, they were certainly too big for the West Friesland church building. In the end, Faith ended up forming its own church and building its own building.” In 2001, West Friesland had 117 members, with an average weekly attendance of 70, while Faith had 146 members, with 100 in attendance. By 2010, however, the churches together had a combined weekly attendance of 90.