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At Fastcomm we deliver tailor-made solutions to help with Linking People Places Things using the latest technologies making use of Artificial Intelligence. Linking people, places & things Enabling businesses to digitally transform through customizable platforms. In an ever-evolving world, focusing on digital transformation is key to business survival. At Fastcomm we deliver tailor-made solutions to help companies communicate, create, operate, and service things for a smart and best in class connected world. We identify the problem and define a solution based on your business requirements. We create and use our own existing technologies and integrate them seamlessly into your solution. Learning and improvement form part of the process that we optimize through partnerships. Front end Back end 3rd party IoT FASTCOMM 2020 © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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Fastcom: FSCC synchronous dual port RS422 & RS485 Universal PCI Bus serial communications interface adapter is capable of baud rates up to 20 Mbits/s. PRODUCTSUNIVERSAL PCIFASTCOM: FSCC- Designed to comply with the latest PCI specifications, the Fastcom: FSCC Universal PCI (PCI version 2.3) adapter will operate in both 5V and 3.3V PCI slots. This means the card will work in the high speed PCI-X slots commonly found in most new servers, as well as the standard PCI slots in desktop PC’s. This flexibility allows for a single serial interface board to be used across a wide range of different types of computers including both current and future computing systems. The Fastcom: FSCC adapter is the one of the most advanced synchronous communications adapters in the industry. The Fastcom: FSCC supports data rates up to 20 Mbits/s. The Fastcom: FSCC is a dual channel adapter, with each one being individually configurable to use HDLC/SDLC, ASYNC (using 16C950 UARTS), orFastcom®: X-Sync protocols. Although similar to the ESCC and SuperFastcom families of adapters, the FSCC expands on our previous adapters. The most notable expansion is the longevity of the components of the board. Faced with the inevitability of obsolescence, Commtech decided to put an end to the lifespan problems that plague most computing customers. We designed a serial communications controller with our customers’ needs in mind, and built a card around it. Wholly designed and owned by Commtech, Inc, this FPGA based SCC has most of the features that you are used to seeing in a quality Fastcom product. It also includes a few new features that come directly from customer requests. If the existing FPGA technology is ever discontinued by the chip manufacturer, the design can simply be re-targeted to the next generation of FPGA chip with no impact on compatibility.

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With a global footprint and a skilled workforce, Fastcomm aims to constantly build niche technologies in a disruptive way through defendable intellectual property ... With a global footprint and a skilled workforce, Fastcomm aims to constantly build niche technologies in a disruptive way through defendable intellectual property (IP) that has both need and value in an ever-changing technological world. We value the unique relationship between technology and people, and strive to expertly enable the linking of people, places and things using our customizable technology platforms. Our primary focus is on creating symbiotic relationships between businesses, partners and their customers using these technologies to enhance their journey together, by ensuring meaningful interactions and leveraging the best opportunities. To do this we use a modular approach to add various components together to form a solution. Our solutions are readily available for businesses and their customers. They are scalable and extendable with the ability to handle high volumes of traffic and are suited for all business sizes. Due to this we have successfully empowered numerous businesses globally to solve challenging problems by using our solutions to revolutionise their business practices. Founder of the Bright Group, focusing on private equity and venture capital. Co-founder of the Bright Foundation. Frank serves on many boards and is currently chairman of Strauss & Co. Founding member and Executive Director of Fast Communication Systems (Pty) Ltd, Special. Advisor to the Mandela Cabinet in 1995 – technology in government. Chief Strategist – Fastcomm group Thought leader and strategist to the group. Previously held executive positions at UUNET and Sprint.

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Fastcom creators of SyncCom. The fastest high-speed data communication adapter in the world. Find out more from Fastcom here. onload="_googWcmGet('number', '316.636.1131')"> Synchronous Communication at Unsurpassed Speed Sync Com™ is the fastest USB to synchronous serial communication adapter in the world. Featuring unsurpassed speed and rugged packaging, Sync Com™ is designed and manufactured by Fastcom®, the industry leader in synchronous communication solutions.  Use our innovative “building block” style case and transform the way you design your systems.  Join an international community powered by the innovations of the Sync Com™. Technology by Engineers for Engineers The Sync Com™ adapter features maximum throughput and compatibility with all current and future USB 2.0, 3.0 systems in the global market.  Engineers that choose our Fastcom® Sync Com™ products will create revolutionary systems that are sustainable, upgradeable, and environmentally responsible. DURABLE, STACKABLE & EXPANDABLE Our team develops personal relationships with each customer, and provides assistance beyond the scope of our products.

Fastcomm ***** Welcome to Fastcomm CQ's LOCAL Communications Company. The Fastcomm range of solutions are designed to provide a cost effective suite of ...

The Fastcomm range of solutions are designed to provide a cost effective suite of
communications options to Residential and Business users. We have a range ...