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Jeremiah Spritual Temple, Blytheville, Arkansas. 3 likes. Religious Organization. JS::call("SavedForLaterNUX", "init", ...) did not fire because it has missing dependencies. __call__SavedForLaterNUX.init__37 is waiting for __elem_f271d9a6_0_0 __elem_f271d9a6_0_0 is not defined TAAL[2] Press alt + / to open this menu Lokale bedrijven ontdekken op Facebook. Registreer je vandaag nog voor Facebook om lokale bedrijven in de buurt te ontdekken. Religious Organization · Religious Center Unofficial Page·Located in Blytheville, Arkansas Berichten over Jeremiah Spritual Temple Er zijn geen verslagen beschikbaar In de buurt van Jeremiah Spritual Temple Blytheville First United Methodist Church Frontline Family Outreach Ministries PlacesBlytheville, ArkansasReligious CenterJeremiah Spritual Temple Nederlands · Frysk · English (US) · Español · Português (Brasil)

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Dec 3, 2019 ... Discover the Joy of Belonging at Temple Jeremiah. Temple Jeremiah is a Chicago synagogue that makes Jewish values a priority. Visit us ... Life CyclesCalendar of EventsConnect With Us Temple Jeremiah makes sharing, embracing and enjoying our Jewish values and experiences a priority. Together we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our members, our community, and the world. By honoring each person’s reason for joining our community, all of us contribute to our inclusive atmosphere where members feel valued and appreciated. MEMBERS SHARE THEIR JOY OF BELONGING Our members share what it means to experience the joy of belonging at Temple Jeremiah. SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING AT TEMPLE JEREMIAH We have programs, worship, educational and social opportunities for every interest and age, from the very young to the young at heart. HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD Join the many in our community who participate in our Social Justice Programs. Watch services live on Shabbat, Holidays, and special event occasions. DISCOVER OUR COVENANT NEWSLETTER Keep up-to-date on Temple happenings and our leaders thoughts on important topics. READ OUR LATEST SHABBAT SHALOM MESSAGE Enjoy a weekly thought-provoking message from senior staff about Torah and Judaism. SEE WHAT’S HAPPENING AT TEMPLE JEREMIAH CELEBRATING 60 YEARS OF COMMUNITY For 60 years, Temple Jeremiah has been making a difference in people’s lives through community, worship, education and Tikkun Olam. WE INVITE YOU TO BECOME PART OF OUR COMMUNITY TODAY Please fill out the form below and our Temple Member Engagement Director will connect with you. Temple Member Engagement Director Form

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Temple Jeremiah | 937 Happ Road, Northfield, Illinois 60093 office@ Main Phone: 847.441.5760 | School: 847.441.0202 | Fax: 847.441. Temple Jeremiah | 937 Happ Road, Northfield, Illinois 60093 Main Phone: 847.441.5760 | School: 847.441.0202 | Fax: 847.441.5765 Privacy Policy   |   Member Terms ©2020 All rights reserved. Find out more about ShulCloud

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May 24, 2018 ... The experience of receiving a blessing – the experience of hearing and seeing the focused, spiritual attention, and the physical connection of ... Life CyclesCalendar of EventsConnect With Us I feel very blessed. I don’t want to sound haughty as if I have more blessings than others, for I’m certain that I don’t. However, I do experience a profound sense of awareness and appreciation on a very regular basis. Some of it is probably in my DNA; some of it is a wake-up call connected to early loss, and most is a good mixture of the two. Jerry and I are in basic good health other than the normal aches and pains that come with – no, not aging, but gaining years of wisdom. We have been blessed with the ability to sustain ourselves financially, and small things bring us happiness and joy. And for the biggest blessing and a need to say my superstitious “poo-poo” a dozen times, warding off the evil eye, we have healthy children and grandchildren. When I don’t sweat the small stuff, I can feel a wholeness, a real sense of Shalem. Not only do we have blessings, but we can bless others and receive blessings in return. This week’s Torah portion, Nasso, contains three of the best known verses in Torah, collectively called the Priestly Benediction or the Birkat Kohanim. God gives the exact wording to Moses instructing him to tell Aaron and his sons (the priests) to bless the people Israel – children and adults. “Thus shall they link My name with the people of Israel, and I will bless them.” Our people have been blessing each other for generations with the words of the Priestly Benediction. So commonplace are these words that it can be easy for us to forget their power-not just their importance in the biblical text, but also their significance in our own age. To this day, these words are used as a child is welcomed into the covenant of Judaism, when children are blessed each Shabbat, when a boy or girl becomes a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, when a couple sanctifies their relationship under the chuppah, and at other important moments of life cycle and liturgy.

Jeremiah: Compelled by the Word and Presence of Yahweh

Jan 1, 2004 ... Gleaning the verses of the book of Jeremiah to produce a spiritual portrait ... that will alienate Jeremiah from family, friends, palace, and temple.---

Calendar - Temple Jeremiah ***** Temple Jeremiah Calendar. Can't find the event you're looking for? Contact us at 847-441-5760. Calendars to Show. General, Committees, Task Forces & ...

Temple Jeremiah Calendar. Can't find the event you're looking for? Contact us at
847-441-5760. Calendars to Show. General, Committees, Task Forces & ...