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Minuteman Commuter Bikeway ... I get a lot of request for photos of the Minuteman Bikeway so we have decided to build an archive of Bikeway photos available ... America's Revolutionary Rail Trail   Wear a mask on the Bikeway. I have received quite a number of inquiries about wearing masks on the Bikeway. The requests are running about 20 to 1 in favor of wearing masks. My informal survey this morning in Arlington and Lexington revealed that about 60% of Bikeway users are wearing masks. An additional 10% are wearing masks around their necks, under their noses or on their arms (?). Research on how the virus is spread is, at this point, inconclusive but it is clear that if you are infected and exerting yourself, you aerosolize vapor containing virus from deep in your lungs. This aerosol is comprised of droplets small enough to remain in the air for as long as 20 minutes. If you are on a bicycle you leave a trail of vapor that is 40-60 feet long. If you are running the trail can be up to 20 feet. Wearing a mask largely prevents this. I see people placing their masks over their faces as I am approaching them but not as I approach them from the rear where they would potentially be trailing the most virus. Whether contact with this vapor will transmit enough virus to cause disease is unknown but I'd rather not do the experiment. One thing is clear, in areas where mask usage is high the transmission of the virus is lower. So it is not clear whether the virus can be transmitted in the open on the Bikeway. If you are walking behind or pass someone who is infected can you encounter a high enough concentration of virus to get sick? Probably not, but we just don't know the answer for sure so respect other users and wear a mask (over your nose and mouth) just in case.

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Minuteman Commuter Bikeway spans 10.1 mi. from Alewife MBTA Station (West Cambridge) to South Road (Bedford). View amenities, descriptions, reviews, ... View over 30,000 of trail maps Share your trail photos Learn about new trails near you Minuteman Commuter Bikeway Facts Trail end points: Alewife MBTA Station (West Cambridge) and South Road (Bedford) Bike Inline Skating Wheelchair Accessible Walking Cross Country Skiing Minuteman Commuter Bikeway Photos View Classic Gallery | Submit Photo Minuteman Commuter Bikeway Description Many commuters choose the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway for freedom from congested traffic in the northwest Boston suburbs. For others, the 10.1-mile paved trail between Cambridge and Bedford serves as a historical route through the opening salvos of the American Revolution. The rail-trail roughly traces Paul Revere’s midnight ride in April 1775 to warn local militias about advancing British troops. Today, it connects a rapid transit station in Cambridge with Arlington, Lexington, and Bedford. The rail-trail uses a corridor first laid out in the 1840s for the Lexington & West Cambridge Railroad, which later became the Boston & Lowell Railroad in 1870 and the Boston and Maine Railroad in 1887. The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) bought the line in 1976, shutting down passenger service in 1977 and freight service in 1981. The Minuteman Bikeway opened in 1993 and joined Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s Rail-Trail Hall of Fame in 2008. Starting at the MBTA Alewife Station in Cambridge (bikes are allowed on Red Line trains in off-peak hours), you’ll immediately pass the Alewife Linear Park trail that heads east toward Somerville and the Fitchburg Cutoff Path heading west (both part of the Mass Central Rail Trail). The trail passes the 100-acre Spy Pond in Arlington before arriving at a short, on-road section in historic Arlington Center at mile 1.5. Here, follow the signs, bike lanes, and pedestrian signals to cross Swan Place, Massachusetts Avenue/US 3, and Mystic Street/MA 60 to regain the bikeway on the north side of the intersection.

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Bikeway Map Download high resolution PDF (large file). NewBikewayBrochure · Home · Map · Directions · Guidelines · Links · Contact · Home · Map · Directions ... Bikeway Map   Download high resolution PDF (large file).

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The Minuteman Bikeway is a 10-mile (16-kilometre) paved multi-use rail trail located in the ... Jump to navigation Jump to search. The Minuteman Commuter Bikeway in Lexington, with abandoned tracks from former use as a rail line ... From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search The Minuteman Commuter Bikeway in Lexington, with abandoned tracks from former use as a rail line to Reformatory Branch Rail Trail Hartwell Avenuie to Hanscom AFB Route 4 / Route 225 ( Bedford Street ) Camellia Place│Hancock Avenue Arlington’s Great Meadows trails site of B&M East Lexington station site of B&M Arlington Heights station site of B&M Arlington Centre station US 3 (Massachusetts Avenue) site of B&M Lake Street station The Minuteman Bikeway is a 10-mile (16-kilometre)[1] paved multi-use rail trail located in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts. It runs from Bedford to Alewife station, at the northern end of the Red Line in Cambridge, passing through the towns of Lexington and Arlington along the way. Also along the route are several notable regional sites, including Alewife Brook Reservation, Spy Pond, "Arlington’s Great Meadows" (actually located in Lexington), the Battle Green in Lexington, and Hanscom Air Force Base. At its Cambridge terminus, the bikeway connects with four other bike paths: the Cambridge Linear Park which, in turn, leads to the Somerville Community Path. the Alewife Brook Greenway, a connection to the Mystic River bike path, following Alewife Brook.[2] The Alewife Brook extension received $4M from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 as the "Minuteman Bikepath Connector" project.[3] a sidewalk path to Fresh Pond Reservation.

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Jun 1, 2008 ... The 10.4-mile Minuteman Commuter Bikeway, which Rails-to-Trails Conservancy named as the fifth inductee to its Rail-Trail Hall of Fame was ... Home Trailblog Massachusetts' Minuteman Commuter Bikeway Massachusetts' Minuteman Commuter Bikeway Posted 06/01/08 by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy in America's Trails Minuteman Bikeway | Photo courtesy Friends of Lexington Bikeways May and June in Boston can be tough to predict weather-wise. But as soon as the chilly drizzles of winter dry out and the clouds peel apart, you can be certain of one spring ritual: restless legs start pouring out onto the city's many trails and pathways. And no stretch of asphalt feels the joyful tread of more heels and wheels than the 10.4-mile Minuteman Commuter Bikeway, which Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) recently named as the fifth inductee to its Rail-Trail Hall of Fame. With its first section opened in 1992, the Minuteman (completed in 1993) also has the honor of being the country's 500th known rail-trail. The Minuteman passes through part of Massachusetts' Revolutionary War heritage along the old Lexington & West Cambridge Railroad Line. Its storied path marches from Bedford all the way to the Alewife "T" Station in Cambridge, where inbound commuters and visitors can ride right up to the parking garage, lock their bikes (or carry them along during off-peak weekday hours and anytime on weekends), and then take a $2.00 train ride to destinations all over downtown Boston. This suburb-to-city slingshot helps explain the route's enormous popularity: Hundreds of thousands of people use it each year. Timing, for visitors concerned with elbow-bumping crowds during commuting hours and sunny weekends, can therefore make a huge difference. Flexible travelers can take advantage of late mornings and early afternoons on weekdays, when the trail largely clears out. Aside from nodding hello to a handful of joggers, bicyclists and baby strollers, you'll have free reign on the bikeway to enjoy its many diversions, or pass the trip as quickly as you'd like.

Rail-Trails at Bedford Depot Park ***** Minuteman Bikeway in Bedford, Lexington and Arlington, Massachusetts. ... The 10-mile Minuteman Commuter Bikeway is one of the most heavily used trails in ...


Minuteman Bikeway in Bedford, Lexington and Arlington, Massachusetts. ... The
10-mile Minuteman Commuter Bikeway is one of the most heavily used trails in ...