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Closest; superlative form of near: most near. Where is the nearest bus stop? I calculated the cost to the nearest 50 dollars. PrepositionEdit.---

Nearest—Wolfram Language Documentation

Nearest[data, x, n] gives the n nearest elemi to x. Nearest[data, x, {n, r}] gives the n or fewer nearest elemi to x that are within radius r of x. gives the list of elemi to which x is nearest. Nearest[{elem1v1,elem2v2,…},x] gives the vi corresponding to the elemi to which x is nearest. Nearest[{elem1,elem2,…}{v1,v2,…},x] Nearest[{elem1,elem2,…}prop,x] gives the property prop for the elemi to which x is nearest. effectively gives {Nearest[data,x1],Nearest[data,x2],…}. gives the n nearest elemi to x. gives the n or fewer nearest elemi to x that are within radius r of x. generates a NearestFunction[…] that can be applied repeatedly to different x. Find the nearest image partition to a subimage: GeoNearest RegionNearest FeatureNearest NearestTo NearestNeighborGraph DistanceMatrix Predict Classify FindClusters Norm Sort Quantile Interpolation NearestFunction DistanceTransform Partitioning Data into Clusters Sequence Alignment & Comparison Distance and Similarity Measures Math & Counting Operations on Lists Fast Introduction for Programmers: Functionals & Operators Introduced in 2007 (6.0) | Updated in 2014 (10.0) ▪ 2016 (11.0) ▪ 2017 (11.1) Introduction for Programmers Introductory Book Wolfram Function Repository | Wolfram Data Repository | Wolfram Data Drop | Wolfram Language Products © 2022 Wolfram. All rights reserved. Legal & Privacy Policy Site Map

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