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Alpha Omega Martial Arts specialized in practical self-defense training in Wahoo offering group classes personal and private training as well as specialization in ... TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE AND ​REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL! Located at 745 N Chestnut Street ​Between the BP Gas Station and the Subway Sandwich Shop REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL WITH ALPHA OMEGA MARTIAL ARTS!! Get started today with our EXCLUSIVE ONLINE offer! Request more information today to find out how you or your child can start training! Modesty, to us, is about humility. One must have confidence in their abilities, and know what they are good at, but it is important not to be arrogant about it. We want our students to have humility and modesty in their lives. They should know that they are good, but not feel like they are above others. They should respect everyone, and part of showing that respect is to be modest in front of others Students at Alpha Omega Martial Arts are trained to live and walk in the midst of violence and chaos, remaining calm and balanced. In more advanced studies, the martial artist is challenged to improve not only their own life but to help bring harmony and deeper value into their world. ​Harmony, not division and hatred. Purpose of Alpha Omega Martial Arts Alpha Omega Martial Arts exists to better our community through martial arts, particularly the science of self-defense "Combat Hapkido", also known as Chon-tu Hapkido Striving to motivate, inspire, and transform the lives of those who choose to improve their lives through the martial arts. Teaching yesterday’s values in today’s world through the philosophy of our school, The Martial Arts Creed; modesty, harmony, courage, self-improvement and perseverance. We work to give our students a sense of accomplishment of a black belt and to exceed their own potential. We are creating leaders to better our future.

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Welcome to Home for the Best Martial Arts Lessons in Laurel. Alpha and Omega Martial Arts has been a landmark of Laurel for many great years! Address:129 Bowie Rd Laurel, MD 20707 Alpha and Omega Martial Arts in Laurel Where Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Leadership Skills are Developed Our exciting martial arts program for kids can develop your child’s focus, self-esteem, self-confidence, and overall sense of purpose the way NO OTHER sport, hobby, “activity,” or program can. HUNDREDS of parents and families in the Laurel area are singing the praises of our children’s program, and telling other parents about it every day, because they’ve seen it for themselves, too. Our unique martial arts program for adults is the best way in the Laurel area to lose weight and get in shape because every movement has a purpose – a self-defense purpose that might one day save your life!  Students from 18 to 80 also tell us they use the benefits of improved concentration, self-discipline, and self-confidence every day at home, at work, and in social situations. In our innovative martial arts program for Families, everyone participates: children, parents, and grandparents can attend classes and progress at their own pace. In our action-packed family classes, no one sits on the bench! Children practice with other children, and adults practice with other adults. Martial arts classes are one of the only family programs where children and parents get the same kind of healthy exercise at the same time. Welcome to The Best Martial Arts Lessons Hi, my name is Master Jose Pascaran, and I’m very PROUD that hundreds of families all over the Laurel area are singing the praises of our programs and telling their friends and neighbors how much of a positive impact it’s having on their lives.

Omega Martial Arts | LinkedIn ***** Our focus at Omega Martial Arts is on providing superior martial art instruction for all ages and abilities. With a unique curriculum incorporating Taekwondo, ...

Our focus at Omega Martial Arts is on providing superior martial art instruction for
all ages and abilities. With a unique curriculum incorporating Taekwondo, ...