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The TCS Fuel Card offers huge fuel discounts & fuel management tools to trucking companies, owner-operators, and fleets. Start saving MORE on fuel. = 'none'; At TransConnect Services (TCS), we understand how hard it can be for trucking companies to manage and control fuel expenses. That’s especially important since fuel is a significant cost when running a successful trucking business. But we are here to make it easy and cost-effective. TCS believes that your fuel card should work hard, just like you do. A fuel card should give you everything that you need – fuel card account management complete with a mobile app, website, and the best tools to help you save at the pump. So, we’ve designed the TCS Fuel Card and Fuel Program with your trucking business in mind. We know that you need fast, reliable, and cost-saving fuel card benefits. We also provide flexibility for our clients. Whether you are a small to a medium-sized trucking company or an owner-operator, the TCS Fuel Card works hard for you. We secure the best prices at the pump and make card management easy through every mile. The TCS Fuel Card runs on the robust and industry renowned TCS EFS Fuel Card and TCS Comdata Fuel Card platforms giving you the power to choose which program works best for your trucking company. The TCS Fuel Card is accepted nationwide and across Canada with great fuel discounts at more than 1,000 locations, including TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, TA Express®, AMBEST, PWI, Road Ranger, Roady’s, Sapp Bros and more. TCS clients save an average of 41 cents* per gallon on fuel. The savings add up even more with a $0 transaction fee when they fuel up at in-network locations. Also, you can get tire and service discount at all TA Truck Service® Centers.*Average savings of 41-cents per gallon is based on actual in-network TCS client transactions for Q3 of 2020.


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The TCS Fuel Website, MyTCSFuel, allows TCS Fuel Clients to access their fuel card account, see account activity, run reports, update preferences, and much ... = 'none'; TCS MAKES FUEL CARD MANAGEMENT EASY! ARE YOU LOOKING FOR 100% TRANSPARENCY AND REAL-TIME ACCOUNT UPDATES 24/7? The TransConnect Services (TCS) Website is your one-stop headquarters for managing your TCS Fuel Card. The TCS website is easy to use and accessible on multiple devices such as desktop, tablet, and smartphone. It is reliable, secure, and always at your fingertips. The TCS website updates in real-time and provides a complete look into your account activities. It lets you customize each fuel card and gives you the ability to create a variety of reports to help track and manage your fuel card expenses. WHAT CAN THE TCS WEBSITE DO FOR YOU? 24/7 accessibility on your computer, tablet or smart phone Easy for trucking company owners and truck drivers to use Options to create users and customize their permissions Check your fuel savings with the ability to filter by day, month, and your lifetime usage Access to the FREE TCS Fuel Finder to locate the best fuel prices in your area or along your route View personalized dashboard snapshots of your account Easy-to-understand, itemized statements for each account Issue checks and view statements Card management: Check card limits, issue one-time cash advances, control spending, and perform card overrides Create reports – IFTA, payment history, driver settlement Track and manage driver discounts to create a fuel incentive and discount sharing program FUEL SAVINGS AND EASY, ACCESSIBLE FUEL CARD MANAGEMENT ARE WAITING FOR YOU WHEN YOU SIGN UP FOR A TCS FUEL CARD. READY?

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The Apex Fuel Card program runs on the robust and industry renowned TCS EFS and TCS Comdata platforms giving you the power to choose which program ... Let's start by finding your company with your DOT/MC number No matching company found. Let's try again. Please enter your DOT or MC number below to get started. Let's give it another try. Success! Looks like we found you. Please confirm this is you. {{mainSignUpFormObject.companyName}} Sorry we cannot find your company. Please fill out our form and we will be in touch with you shortly Please review your entries above and fill in a valid value for each required field. One of our sales reps will be in touch with you shortly with more information. Whoops! We are having technical difficulties at this time. Please contact us at 1-800-511-6022 to provide you with service. By submitting your information to us, you authorize us to communicate with you electronically or otherwise, including by email and/or text messages. Your provider’s message and data rates may apply. SAVE MORE WITH THE APEX FUEL CARD FOR TRUCKING COMPANIES Apex Capital cares. We provide full-service factoring, helping trucking companies get the cash flow they need. But that’s not all, we also make trucking expenses manageable. Diesel fuel costs can take up a big portion of your trucking company’s operating expenses. The Apex Fuel Card Program, with help from our fuel card partner TransConnect Services (TCS), is a comprehensive fuel card for trucking companies large or small. Providing the money-saving diesel fuel discounts you want and the fuel management tools needed to find the best fuel prices across the United States and Canada.

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Jun 22, 2020 ... Fill out this form for more information and to start the process to get a TCS Fuel Card. Only search for MC or DOT# if it is your own, not one for the ... = 'none'; READY TO START SAVING BIG ON FUEL? FILL OUT THIS FORM FOR MORE INFORMATION AND TO START THE PROCESS TO GET A TCS FUEL CARD Only search for MC or DOT# if it is your own, not one for the company you are leased on to. We can still set up your fuel card if you lease on to another company. Let's start by finding your company with your DOT/MC number No DOT/MC Number? Click here to continue. 2950 Brother Boulevard, Suite 100 ©2020 TransConnect Services. All rights reserved.

RV Fuel Discounts | FMCA ***** FUEL DISCOUNTS – TCS Fuel Card users can save an average of $0.34 per gallon on diesel fuel at in-network locations (savings can range between $0.05 and ...

FUEL DISCOUNTS – TCS Fuel Card users can save an average of $0.34 per
gallon on diesel fuel at in-network locations (savings can range between $0.05
and ...