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... 2014 Womens Institue of Torah. For more information about WIT or any of our programs, please call 410.358.2545 or email us at wit@witbaltimore.org. phone 410.358.2545   email wit@witbaltimore.org 6602 Park Heights Avenue · Baltimore, Maryland 21215

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WITS - Women's Institute of Torah Seminary and College. See what makes WITS the right place to pursue your academic goals and dreams. The education you need in the environment you want. See our full list of programs. Built on the strong, 20-year legacy of Maalot Baltimore, Women's Institute of Torah Seminary & College מכון אור יהודית provides students with a sophisticated and inspiring לימודי קדשׁ program and a comprehensive general studies curriculum. Our students are prepared to be successful in the world today. The Orthodox Jewish woman of today confronts a complex reality: founder of the Jewish home, participant in the workforce, contributor to the community and more. WITS provides the foundation needed to grow, accomplish, contribute and thrive.       Education & Leadership "The coursework here really gave me the foundation I needed to start graduate school prepared and ready. And when I started graduate school, I was more prepared than many of my peers" Regulatory Pharmaceutical Microbiologist "I learned to have relationships with teachers, and I was able to go to school, finish undergrad quickly, and Pre-Med, and then I was able to get my PhD " Middle School & High School Teacher "WITS gives you the opportunity to go for your degree in a kosher, frum environment, and it really gives you that bridge from a life in seminary to real life" What program are you interested in? Israel Study Abroad Program (ISAP) Option 6602 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore, Maryland 21215 Tel: 410-358-3144 WITS is a degree granting institution approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

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